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Woodpeckers Flip Stop, 1 Pair

Flip Stop, Pair
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Woodpeckers Flip Stop

The original Quick Stop has been re-engineered into a compact, more versatile Flip Stop that can now be set both to the left and the right. These new stops easily flip back for calibration to the adjustable scales, then flip forward in a second, providing an instant, accurate reference for your next hole or cut.

Each Flip Stop is machined to .001 tolerance of one inch so that, ganged together, you can quickly and accurately index your cuts or holes at perfect, one inch intervals. This time saving feature is ideal for projects like trinket shelves, coat and tie racks and any other project requiring multiple holes or cuts accurately spaced.

Most commonly used on drill press tables, hollow chisel mortisers and as a light duty chop saw fence when combined with Scale Track.

(Made in U.S.A. )

Flip Stop, Pair
Flip Stop, Pair
Flip Stop, Pair
Flip Stop, Pair

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Flip Stop, Pair